Flora and Fauna of Tenerife {0}

Tenerife enjoys a remarkable ecological diversity despite its small size, resulting from special environmental conditions, rugged terrain and the prevailing weather conditions in locally modify general microclimates.

The existence of these microclimates create natural habitats evident in the island vegetation of a rich diverse and varied flora over 1400 species of higher plants including 200 endemic of the Canarios and 140 species exclusively Tenerife.


This wealth of some 140 plant unique species on the island of Tenerife is the highest ratio of endemic flora in the Macaronesia area. The same has happened in the creation of many and varied soil conditions through different chemical composition, rocks of different materials that built the volcanic island and the action of climatic factors.

The combination of these agents determines the presence of multiple habitats that harbour, many plant and animal communities making this unique ecosystem of Tenerife.

The study of flora and fauna of Tenerife can be done in a more orderly manner by studying the different ecological zones as well as North and South and altitude of the island. It can be a great idea to use a tourist provider such as teide trips to most interesting parts of the islands.

The Cardonal – tabaibal is 0 to 700 m characterized by strong sunshine and low rainfall and the tabaibas plant species of cactus and cardoncillos, bejeques with mainly insect’s birds and reptiles.

The Thermophile forest is 200 – 600 m aboce sea level and this deck has more moisture and precipitation, and less sunshine, therefore the important flora are palm trees, the junipers, the olive trees and endemics like Peralillo, guaidiles, espaneros, mauves of cliff and cineraria.

The fauna is the butterfly vanessa Vulcania and insectivorous birds such as the warbler cabecinegra and capirote.

Gallotia endemic species of Tenerife and The Laurel at 500 – 1000 m which is a dense forest of large trees, descendants of the flora of the Tertiary period grow in the areas of abundant rainfall and frequent mists.

The Higher plant species that are abundant are laurels, lime trees, vinatigos, barbusanos, and other smaller species like bicacaro, the cockscomb, the knotweeds and a variety of ferns. Regarding the fauna invertebrates are the highest percentage of endemic species, including worms, molluscs and arthropods.

The vertebrates include a few bats and two species of endemic birds in danger of extinction, a pigeon and rabiche turque.

The Fayal-heath is 1000 – 1500 m band and this is also a forest, but in this case, dry and poor in species homing the floristically fayas, heather, acebinos and many species of mushrooms that can be both edible and very poisonous.

The Pinar is 800 – 2000 m with forests of pines characterized by an increase in isolation and less uniformity in day-night and seasonal temperatures. The highest stands of trees are the Canary Island pine. The fauna is not diverse, but there are two beautiful birds such as chaffinch and blue beak woodpecker.

The High Mountain above 2,000 m has a dry climate, heat and high temperatures. Despite these challenging conditions, endemic plants grow there of great scientific importance and beauty as tajinastes, brooms, codes, Teide violet and invertebrate animal species of beetles, bugs, and butterflies.

Marine life abounds with Salem, Samas, snappers, loggerhead turtle and permanent colonies of whales and dolphins that inhabit the shoreline south of the island. Tenerife has a faunal inventory amounting to 56 species of birds, 13 mammals, 5 reptiles, thousands of invertebrates, 2 amphibians and 400 fish species along with some sea turtles and cetaceans.

Welcome to The Dive Shop GranCanaria {0}

Welcome to The Dive Shop Tenerife. We are one of the only authorised PADI diving resort located in the capatal of Gran Canaria. You can walk into our shop and visit us any time as we are open 7 days a week.

We are situated around 500 metres away from the popular Las Palmas ciudad. While you dive, your family can bask in the sun or visit the market, which is open Thursdays and Saturday. Get in contact to try a scuba diving course in Gran Canaria, you will love it! At the Dive shop you will be made part of the family. We make everyone feel welcome, from beginners to experts. We have equipment to fit all shapes and sizes and we can cater for any number of divers in a party.


The average water temperature in Gran Canaria is 22°c so leave your dry suit at home. Shorties can be worn most of the year and the visibility is on average 20 metres and can be 30 metres plus…


tenerifeparadiseOur private tours are designed for travelers looking  for something different!  Is that you?

At Fun Tours Tenerife, we have one goal in mind … and that is to make your experience visiting Tenerife unforgettable!

All of our tour guides are local and experienced and ready to share the hidden local fun spots that most tourists never experience.

We offer a private tour that you can customize for the length of time you have and the experience you are looking.  It’s relaxing, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s adventurous and everything your want it to be.

Of course there are the beaches lined up with lounge chairs and a million other tourist, and that’s fun too… but what we do is something different.

It Is best to visit Spain with the help of a local. Because somebody who has lived on the island for their entire life is going to know all the different places that you cannot find on trip advisor. Obviously, this is the most comfortable way to see this beautiful island, but it’s not a possibility for the majority of tourists who come to Tenerife every year. The next best option is to hard it is to find your own private guide who’s is able to take you one-day trips and make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

You want to see the north of the island which is much greener and is less terroristic and, it is also a fantastic place to go hiking or to see some of the wildlife on the island. Santa Cruz is a must see.


Tenerife Host one of the best travel providers on the islands because they offer a large range of trips, tours and boat trips for people of all interest and budgets.


Tenerife Host, Av. V Centenario, 5, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tel: 618 78 67 49

Here is a list of some of our tours and what you can expect

  • Amazing Hikes
  • Secluded Hidden Beaches
  • Places only the Locals Go
  • Swimming in the Natural Pools
  • Picnics on a Mountain Top
  • Hidden Black Sand Beaches on the North Side
  • Winery Tours & Wine Tasting
  • Hidden Black Sand Beaches on the North Side
  • Winery Tours & Wine Tasting
  • Natural Hippie Beaches with Music
  • Volcanic Lava Cave Tour
  • Sight Seeing – Driving around the Island,  Visiting El Teide, Stopping For lunch , a Swim, a Hike or Both
  • Sunset Tours & Cocktails
  • Historical Quaint Towns – Canarian Food& Shopping
  • Fun &  Adventure… and so Much More


Things To Consider Before Scuba Diving in Tenerife {0}

Summer comes along with many wonderful water sports such as scuba diving. However, before indulging in this particular sport it is essential you consider carefully all the following points in order to enjoy it at its fullest.


Who Can Dive

Anyone who loves water can learn how to dive but first and foremost you need to make sure in are in the right physical condition to do so and here is how you ensure you are fit for this sport. It’s a good idea to spend some weeks doing cardio excercise to prepare yourself.

You must be at least 15 years of age in order to scuba dive, those who are below 15 but not less than 10 can attend a junior scuba diving training as well which will not have all the practices in the adult scuba diving sessions.

You must be in good health; you will be required to fill a form where all the required fields will be listed in order to ensure that you are fit to dive. If you want to prepare before hand in order to be fit once you take the scuba diving test you can check online at Divers Alert Network for all required fields.

The Necessary Gear

Scuba diving requires specific gear, which will protect you and your body from direct exposure to water and other dangerous, sharp object you may encounter in this sport. Specialized stores as well as on location stores will rent out the required gear for the same.

Why Do We Scuba Dive

Scuba diving is done for many reasons such as: scientific research where studies are carried out to understand the underwater world and life; commercial purposes where divers looks for coral and other precious microorganisms and probably the most practiced scuba diving of all is for recreational purposes where you can simply dive and enjoy the sea life for a short period of time.

Scuba diving is a very relaxing practice, which works out your body at the same time and that is the reason you, must be fit in order to perform this sport. Those who love water find a reason to dive and enjoy the under the sea wonders and life, which many of us don’ t even know exist.

Find out if you are fit to scuba dive today and try this wonderful sport, which is bound to get you addicted to it from the very first round. However, make sure you proceed with caution and until you are certified have a scuba diving instructor with you at all times to avoid any unseen mishaps or accidents. We recommend Diving Atlantis as the no1 choice to learn diving. You can see their WordPress for regular updates also.

You can Find Atlantis Scuba Diving at: Av. La Gawiota 1, lok A3, 38686 La Arena, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Phone:671 40 89 70

Scuba Diving in Tenerife {0}

The waters around Tenerife teem with marine life. On a typical day you might spot anything from damsel fish and rays, to morays, sharks, octopus, turtles or dolphins.

There are dive sites to suit  divers of all levels too; from absolute beginners to experienced divers looking for a bit of a challenge.


We, offer TRY Dives which give the opportunity to have a taste of what it is all about to complete novices from 8 year old to adult. We also teach PADI courses from Scuba Diver up to Dive Master.

It is no surprise that scuba diving is a popular activity for both tourists and residents alike. With the variety of marine life and the exceptional dive sites which include shipwrecks, night dives and caves there truly is something for everyone and for every level of experience.

Scuba Diving Trips in Tenerife

All our instructors have many years experience and can offer a safe, and unforgettable introduction to the seas around our beautiful island.

The duration and price of each trip depends on the experience and ability of the divers and what trip is planed for you.




Iron Butterfly Thursday in Tenerife {0}

Iron Butterfly, the legendary band from San Diego, landed Thursday on the island of Tenerife for a concert that will be historic and unique in the city of La Laguna, is held in the Cultural Space Aguere, at 22:00.


This is the second performance of American education in the country, after her appearance on Tuesday in Barcelona, as part of the tour that was first brought to Spain. On Friday the 24th the band traveled to Gran Canaria to appear before the public at the Teatro Felo Monzón.

Iron Butterfly mark his mark in the two cities canary with sound that has characterized and has marked the history of rock rhythms fused with acid rock, psychedelia and hard rock truest.

The two concerts offered in The Iron Butterfly Lagunay Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, respectively, will be a unique opportunity to see and hear the live songs that have marked the development of rock history, like famous topics Heavy, In-A -Gadda-Da-Vida, Ball or Metamorphosis. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

Tickets for the concert in Tenerife, in the Cultural Space Aguere can be purchased in the cafeteria of the own cultural center, and in Gran Canaria through www.entradas.com


Kayaking in Tenerife {0}

kayakingGliding through the sea in a kayak is an exhilarating experience. You are so close to the surface of the water that you feel more like a marine mammal than a creature of the land.

At Sport School Felix we offer kayak tours that hug the well named massifs of Los Gigantes, enormous cliffs that stretch from the water’s edge and tower into the sky. This is the playground of whales and dolphins and it is likely, though not guaranteed, that we will see some on our journey.

Your kayaking adventure in Tenerife begins with a short introduction on how to use the kayak safely and then we will paddle along the majestic coast line to a point where you can enjoy a dip in the deep blue Atlantic before we return to Los Gigantes harbour.

Kayaking Trips in Tenerife

All kayaking trips are led by experienced instructors and safety procedures are followed at all times.

  • Requirements: Don’t forget your sun screen.
  • Duration (approx):  3 hours
  • Price: 35€ per person


Scuba Diving Tenerife with Aqua-Marina {0}

Dive Tenerife with Aqua-Marina – the best scuba diving Tenerife has to offer for adults and children, able bodied and those with disabilities or mobility difficulties. Please contact us to discuss your particular interests or requirements.

Dive Tenerife from our fantastic beachfront location on Playa de las Vistas, the glorious wheelchair friendly beach running between Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, we are the major Tenerife Diving centre for both of these popular resorts plus Costa Adeje.

Our experienced team of Instructors is trained to teach from beginner level to Instructor plus a variety of specialty courses. Our instructors all have Disability Awareness certification and can teach courses modified to recognise mobility issues. If you have started your training at home but sea conditions have prevented completion of the open water elements, then we are happy to fill in the gaps, with or without your instructor. The beach adjacent to our dive centre provides ideal training conditions.


Tenerife is just a 4 hour flight from the UK with flights from many local airports. Come for an extended weekend or longer and combine some leisure time in Tenerife’s year-round sunny climate with your dive training.

The crystal clear water of the Atlantic Ocean, abundant marine life and dramatic volcanic rock formations means that diving Tenerife frequently surprises and delights newcomers to the island.

We have a variety of dive sites in Tenerife to meet all needs and interests, from beginner to highly experienced. The warm stable climate and water temperatures varying from 24C in the summer to 18C in the winter mean that we can offer year-round diving Tenerife.

We offer NITROX on all our dives to those who are qualified to use it. For those who are not yet certified Nitrox divers, training can be easily provided by our instructors. Tec divers and rebreather divers are welcome in Tenerife – click on diving Tenerife prices for details of how we can meet your tec and rebreather diving needs.

We can also offer the full range of PADI courses, details of which plus other useful information about diving Tenerife can be found on our partner website here.

If you have yet to try diving Tenerife, a pleasant surprise and a very warm welcome await you from the team!


Regency Club Tenerife – from 290 GBP for up to 4 people! {0}

regencyThe elegant Regency Club is located 5 minutes from Playa de Las Americas, and 20km from Tenerife’s Southern Airport, Reina Sofia.

This offer runs from the 1st of November to the 31st of December, and is based on 4 people sharing.  Prices are from 290 GBP per week and may vary depending on dates.

The Regency Club is decorated to a very high standard, and the entire main pool area has recently been refurbished.  The apartments are spacious and luxurious, and most contain terraces which afford an excellent view of the Atlantic Ocean.  All apartments come with kitchens.

There is a pool bar and restaurant on site, as well as an on site bakery and minimarket.

Within the resort, to keep yourself occupied, there is a Children’s club, Squash Court, Gym, and Pool and Ping Pong facilities as well.