Scuba Diving Tenerife with Aqua-Marina
October 29, 2016
Iron Butterfly Thursday in Tenerife
November 8, 2016

Kayaking in Tenerife


Gliding through the sea in a kayak is an exhilarating experience. You are so close to the surface of the water that you feel more like a marine mammal than a creature of the land.

At Sport School Felix we offer kayak tours that hug the well named massifs of Los Gigantes, enormous cliffs that stretch from the water’s edge and tower into the sky. This is the playground of whales and dolphins and it is likely, though not guaranteed, that we will see some on our journey.

Your kayaking adventure in Tenerife begins with a short introduction on how to use the kayak safely and then we will paddle along the majestic coast line to a point where you can enjoy a dip in the deep blue Atlantic before we return to Los Gigantes harbour.


Kayaking Trips in Tenerife

All kayaking trips are led by experienced instructors and safety procedures are followed at all times.

  • Requirements: Don’t forget your sun screen.
  • Duration (approx):  3 hours
  • Price: 35€ per person


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