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November 8, 2016
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November 21, 2016



Our private tours are designed for travelers looking  for something different!  Is that you?

At Fun Tours Tenerife, we have one goal in mind … and that is to make your experience visiting Tenerife unforgettable!

All of our tour guides are local and experienced and ready to share the hidden local fun spots that most tourists never experience.

We offer a private tour that you can customize for the length of time you have and the experience you are looking.  It’s relaxing, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s adventurous and everything your want it to be.

Of course there are the beaches lined up with lounge chairs and a million other tourist, and that’s fun too… but what we do is something different.

tenerifeparadiseIt Is best to visit Spain with the help of a local. Because somebody who has lived on the island for their entire life is going to know all the different places that you cannot find on trip advisor. Obviously, this is the most comfortable way to see this beautiful island, but it’s not a possibility for the majority of tourists who come to Tenerife every year. The next best option is to hard it is to find your own private guide who’s is able to take you one-day trips and make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

You want to see the north of the island which is much greener and is less terroristic and, it is also a fantastic place to go hiking or to see some of the wildlife on the island. Santa Cruz is a must see.

Tenerife Host one of the best travel providers on the islands because they offer a large range of trips, tours and boat trips for people of all interest and budgets.


Tenerife Host, Av. V Centenario, 5, 38660 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tel: 618 78 67 49

Here is a list of some of our tours and what you can expect

  • Amazing Hikes
  • Secluded Hidden Beaches
  • Places only the Locals Go
  • Swimming in the Natural Pools
  • Picnics on a Mountain Top
  • Hidden Black Sand Beaches on the North Side
  • Winery Tours & Wine Tasting
  • Hidden Black Sand Beaches on the North Side
  • Winery Tours & Wine Tasting
  • Natural Hippie Beaches with Music
  • Volcanic Lava Cave Tour
  • Sight Seeing – Driving around the Island,  Visiting El Teide, Stopping For lunch , a Swim, a Hike or Both
  • Sunset Tours & Cocktails
  • Historical Quaint Towns – Canarian Food& Shopping
  • Fun &  Adventure… and so Much More


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