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The Menorca Tourist Information informs all tourist guide about the Menorca. Menorca is a place an island which lies at the south east coast of Spain in the Meditarrianean sea. It is one of the largest Baleric island. Mazorca and Ibiza are another two Baleric island like two sisters of Menorca. According to Menorca Tourist Information the area of the island is about 701,84 km² and it is long about 53 km. Almost75 000 inhabitants live in that island. In 1993, UNESCO give the distinction of “Reserve of Biosphere” to the Menorca. Menorca is a wonderful island. There is more than 50 beaches. For every one Menorca is a corner. One who love remote beaches Menorca is really a pleasant place.


The place get sunshine for more than 300 days. The weather is an unspoiled and typically like a Spanish charm. The sunniest month is august, the temp is about 22 to 29 degree c. At the month of April the weather is become cold. At the month of October to throughout December rainfall become a slight problem to the tourists. The weather is so pleasant through out the year. The environment is relaxing and it helps to reduce your stress of your total week at the week end. Peoples are attracted to the Menorca beach automatically since many years ago.

Menorca Tourist Information always help tourist. Anyone can explore on two wheels because it is really a good place for it. For beginners and the experienced horse riding is very much entertaining for anyone. This place is also good for food. Moreover the place is not much far from Britain. It will take only two hours and not much more that. Once any one contact Menorca Tourist Information then there is no point to be worried about the tour. They will give you the package for your weekend at your desired money range. There is plenty of clubs, hotels, lively resorts. So there is no chance to wasting time. So, for a charming weekend must visit Menorca. So the place is really nice. You can spend your holidays here. From airport you will get taxi. They will take one Euro extra to release your baggage trolleys. Taxi will take four person at a time. Taxies at Menorca represent a good value to European standard. In Menorca Diving is very popular . There are several diving schools where anyone can sample the sport for the first time. Snorkelling is also great pastime there. It is mainly available in resort. A big pastime also can be Sailing and boating and there are many boat-hire companies are operating all these in hotels. Aqua parks is too a entertaining pastime.